XC State 2020: Retirement of Coach and a Change in Course

By Kailey Gilbert

Combatting a change of course and the presence of COVID-19, the 2020 4A State Championships was different from any other state meet. In a normal season, runners would travel up north the day before the competition and run late the next morning, avoiding any worry surrounding school, snacks, or schedules.

This year, however, was different; runners were expected to go through a shortened school day, eat healthy, and take accountability for being at the meet at the appropriate times. 

The varsity boys team performed well under the hard stakes. Their top five runners finished in the first 20 places of the race, resulting in a score of 73 and placing the team in second. Logan Peel, a sophomore, placed second at the regional meet and eighth at the state meet, leaving viewers awestruck. He is described as humble and kind by his teammates, but when the race comes around, he can only be described as unstoppable.

With high hopes for next year, Cedar Reds’ boys’ cross country team aims to finish the next season with a state championship.

The girls’ cross country team had a slightly different account of the state meet. Coming in fifth at the regional meet two weeks prior, their main goal was to hold their place and, if possible, beat the Hurricane team. With “Do it for Coach” written on their wrists, Cedar High’s girls’ cross country team finished in fourth place. They beat not only the Hurricane team, but Snow Canyon as well, shooting their ranking up to third in the region.

Their top five runners finished within 45 seconds of each other, resulting in incredible times for the season, especially considering the challenges of the course. Shocking the state and impressing their coaches, the Lady Reds celebrate a great race and an important legacy.

The retirement of “Dr. Coach” ends in victory and enthusiasm, and the state cross country meet brings in great results for both Cedar teams.


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