Mohey Tawa Region

By Beckham Trigo

A few weeks back, our drill team, Mohey Tawa, participated in regional events. They performed amazingly and really showed off their school spirit. They were able to make it to state this year while having fun and representing our school. This helped the team grow and better themselves. Mohey placed 6th place in all of their dances, and they did such a great job! 

I was able to interview some of the Mohey Girls, and they had a lot to say about the region, some being good and some meant for improvement. They all seem to love being on the team as they can grow and learn to appreciate one another. As I interviewed Maddy Gray, she stated, “Yes, I especially love being in a group with my team, it makes the experience so much fun.” When asking other girls, their answers were similar, including “I think we did really good!”

Then, I asked them if they think that they could have done better, or if they think the coaches could improve along with the team altogether. The questions received mixed responses, some answering with yes and others answering with no. When asked if they think they could have done better personally, Lexi said, “I was personally satisfied.” Then, I asked if they think that they could have done better as a team, and Stubbs said, “It could have been a little cleaner and counted more.” Most of them agree that they could have done a little better as a team, but they were all satisfied with themselves and their performance which is what really matters.

Now we watch Mohey go to state, and we can see how they do. They have a positive attitude and are prepared to get to, and through, state. Mohey is ready to utilize their positive attitude to achieve their goals, and it will make everyone so proud of them no matter what. Let’s go Mohey!


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